School Life

Meet the Monitors


Senior Grecian
As Senior Grecian, I aim to unite the skills of our individual Monitors to form a compassionate and conscientious team. I also hope to be an approachable figure for everyone at Christ’s Hospital as the Monitors communicate our focus on wellbeing, inclusion, and charity. In my role as Environmental liaison, I will continue my work with the Eco Rangers to encourage sustainability through events, conversation, and education. Furthermore, as School Council liaison, I aspire to listen and respond productively to all pupils' voices.


Second Monitor
As Second Monitor this year, I will be working alongside the Senior Grecian to represent and lead the pupil body. I will also be assisting the music and theatre departments with the many performances and events throughout the year which play an important part in our community. As a Marketing Liaison, I will be working with the marketing department to promote the wide range of opportunities Christ’s Hospital offers to prospective families.


Sport, Music & Theatre
This year I have been lucky enough to combine my monitorship with two of my passions as one of the Sports Liaisons and also Music and Theatre Liaison. My aim this year within these roles is to strengthen participation and interest in these areas especially for those who don't engage with music as much outside academic lessons. I hope to assist the theatre team in ensuring things run smoothly on the big nights and encourage fellow pupils to get involved with all that there is going on in the wonderful theatre!


Development, Juniors
This year as Development Link I’ll be working with the Development Team’s fundraising efforts, such as the Blue Fund, helping maintain the network between Old Blues, donors and the school. Being a Music and Theatre Liaison I hope to support the many exciting and impressive music and drama events throughout the school year. Also as the Juniors Liaison I’d love to make meaningful connections with the younger members of this community, valuing their ideas and supporting their wellbeing.


House Captains, Marketing
As the house captain liaison, my role is to support and work alongside the Deputy Grecian head of houses. The house captains are role models in the boarding houses, specifically for the younger pupils as they transition into living in a new environment of community living with older pupils around them. My aim is to support them with their position of leadership, and to be there to support them with decisions made for the boarding houses. My role in marketing will also involve working with the marketing department, to display the extensive range of opportunities provided by the school for potential new pupils.


EDI, Sport
My name is Nonso and I am the sports liaison and part of the EDI. I plan to work closely with the team to bring more awareness on EDI to Christ's Hospital and make an inclusive and representative community. I will also work closely with the sports department to push for active lifestyles and aspirations in sports no matter the field.


EDI, Pupil Entertainment
As a CHEDI monitor and the President of the CH African-Caribbean Society this year, I aim to support the school in creating a more inclusive environment. Ensuring that the diverse populace of the school are, being represented, treated equally and feel included in all aspects of school life. As an entertainment monitor I hope to deliver new and creative ideas for the Saturday nights at CH. Through catering to the range of interests, and promoting activities are inclusive for all year groups, enjoyable entertainment will be provided for all students.


Careers, Christmas Fair
This year I will be the Christ’s Hospital Careers monitor and one of the Christmas Fair monitors. As Careers monitor, I will be working closely with the Careers department to help arrange and organise events for the student body, such that they can gain as much information about the many different career options available to them as possible. As one of the Christmas Fair monitors, I am excited to be a part of the management and planning of the Christmas Fair event in early December. It is a delight to be a part of such a big event in the school calendar and will be a real privilege to take part in.


EDI, Marketing
This year as a monitor, I will be working as a CHEDI liaison aiming to ensure that pupils feel included and respected within the diverse community of CH. As a ‘Marketing liaison’, I will be working with the marketing department to advocate the school’s various opportunities to upcoming pupils and parents.


EDI, LS & SEAL, Music & Theatre
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion will be the focus of my work as a CHEDI Monitor this year, where I will be leading various student societies, such as the LGBTQ+ group and my newly founded Neurodivergent Society, which ties in with my role as a TLS (Teaching and Learning support) Liaison, where I hope to promote inclusive values and empower our Neurodivergent pupils in the school. With a passion for Theatre, I look forward to getting involved with and helping with the running of our Drama and Theatre department, promoting everything one of my favourite places has to offer.


Chapel, Deputy Grecians
As a Deputy Grecian monitor, my aim is to ensure the wellbeing of the Deputy Grecians in their first year of sixth form, particularly in the integration of new and old students. I also hope to establish strong relationships between the year group and the rest of the school community. Additionally, my aim as a chapel monitor is to work with the school chaplains to ensure that CH’s core values are maintained throughout the school and that students & teachers feel comfortable in expressing their faith.


Christmas Fair and Leavers' books and hoodies
This year, I am excited to take on the responsibilites of both Christmas Fair and Leavers' Books and Hoodies. The Christmas Fair is regularly a highlight of the year, for parents, staff and pupils alike, and I hope to do it justice. I intend to motivate those around me to take an active role in organising stalls, food and music and help raise money for a worthy charity. In organising the Leavers' items, I will be able to unite for possibly the final time a cohort of over one hundred students who have grown incredibly close thanks to, in many cases, seven years of friendship. The books are incredibly valuable to their recipiants every year, giving all members of the school an opportunity to express their gratitude and love for those leaving our close-knit community.


EDI, Pupil Entertainment
This year I aim to use my roles to develop relationships between different communities in school. As a CHEDI monitor I aim to work with the different inclusion groups, mainly the ACS as well as the CH EDI staff liaisons in order to educate our school community about many aspects of diversity but also help everybody feel more embraced and accepted. Additionally, I am to use my role of entertainment monitor to close the gap between all years group of the school by organising events that allow different year groups to be integrated whilst making their entertainment as enjoyable as possible , catering to a variety of interests .


Development, Leavers' books and hoodies
My aim as Development Link this year is to create a strong bond between the current CH pupils and Old Blues. Liaising with the Development office in an effort to maintain and strengthen CH’s network of relationships, I intend to regularly meet with donors and all those who help make CH the wonderful and diverse environment it is. Additionally, in the hopes of giving something back to the school, I will be organising the Leaver’s books at the end of my time at CH. I would like every grecian to remember their time at Christ’s Hospital in a meaningful way while celebrating the relationships made a long the way.


Tours & Visits, Grecians' Gift
In my role as monitor I hope to fully display this school’s wonders to visitors and create a useful, memorable and thoughtful Grecians’ gift. As Band Captain, I hope to maintain and build upon the world-class quality of the band and create an entertaining and poignant beating retreat for the end of the school year.